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I create infographics and data visualizations for business and non-profit organizations. I have strong tech skills and wide knowledge to do it well.

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I help companies to tell stories in a visual way, create infographics and data visualizations, make illustrations. Also I speak about data visualizations occasionally.

I work with business, government and non-profit organizations. I've cooperated with various agencies (advertising and digital ones) in many cases.

I collaborate with local and foreign residents as well.

Two thirds of my clients comes with new projects. I hope this is a positive assessment of my work.

I work as an independent designer now. Previously, I worked at the marketing communication agency, at the instant print shop, at the advertising agencies and at the full service advertising company.


I have no academic education in the field of data visualization or graphic design.
To fill this gap I
• spend a lot of time reading books (mostly from this list),
• take some thematic courses (among them there were «Data Visualization and Infographics with D3» by Alberto Cairo and Scott Murray, «Data Visualization» by John C. Hart, «Visualization in R» by Nathan Yau),
practice all the time and
• trying to systematize and understand new stuff.

As a lifelong learner I take some other courses to get a general idea about typography, communication, statistics, data, programming, problem solving and so on.

And as for academic education I've got the Master of History and I'm almost the qualified specialist in Web design and development.


My main tools are Adobe Illustrator and MS Excel. Also I work in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. I try to use R for data processing, and d3.js for data visualization. Sometimes I create some simple things with HTML, CSS, javascript and SVG.

I am familiar with various tools for visual analysis and interactive data visualization. I also have a moderate experience working with some of them (Plotly, Gephi, Tableau Public, Infogram, Datawrapper, Visage and some others) just for fun.

In addition:
• I have a general idea of the PHP and MySQL, Ruby on Rails;
• a small experience in 3ds Max, MS Power Point and Adobe Flash;
• plenty of experience with CorelDRAW.

And, of course, every project starts with a paper and pencil.


Well, I know how to create infographics and data visualization: from formulating a brief to promotion of a final product.

I can explain the complex things in a plain language (well, in Russian, mainly, and only in the case I understand them myself).

Experience in solving marketing problems and the problems of communication of complex information by visual means I've designed lots of promotional and informational materials.

And some more skills and experience: illustration, sketching and scribing, graphic design, image processing, icon design, visual storytelling, preprint and postprint, page proofs, motion design, identity and branding, prototyping, front end, visual analysis, IxD, UI, UX and others.